Hey, I‘m iGalaxy 👋

I‘m a 17-year-old aspiring software engineer & Minecraft enthusiast.

I‘m pursuing full-stack web development using modern technologies and I‘m creating multiplayer experiences for Minecraft: Java Edition.

What am I building? 🚀

I‘m currently juggling a lot of projects, but here is a selection of some of my favorite open source projects I‘ve worked on.

🏠home⭐ 1 3
🔊voicechat-interaction-paper⭐ 13 1
🐢take-it-slow⭐ 2 1
🏷svelte-lanyard⭐ 5 1
🎮games⭐ 0 0
🎄aoc⭐ 0 0

What am I using? 🛠️

I‘m always trying to learn something new, and while I‘ve traditionally focused on high-level web development, nowadays I‘m branching out and exploring other languages such as Go.

typescript TypeScript

kotlin Kotlin

java Java

go Golang

redis Redis

postgresql Postgres

supabase Supabase

vercel Vercel

cloudflare Cloudflare

react React.js

nextdotjs Next.js

styledcomponents styled-components

svelte Svelte

nodedotjs Node.js

deno Deno

git Git

Mallory Hayr

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